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Entries from April 2011

Cultural Change - The Next Big Shift

April 20th, 2011 · Comments

What are the cultural changes that are happening nationally and globally in the 21st century that may well shape our future and how can we recognize what the next big shift in cultural change will be?

Indeed how important is cultural change and is it in the area of cultural change rather than politics that we should be working if we are to make any real significant difference?

Will the changing balance of generations; the vast global migrations, the complex diversity of race and ethnicity and the changing mosaic of popular culture rather than changes in the ballot box shape our political life? And if so how can we develop consciousness around these changes so that they have positive social impact?

This is a podcast of one our meetups with Dave Pendle, Dr Nicholas Beecroft and John M Bunzl


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Enter The Big Society: Exit The Compassionate One.

April 15th, 2011 · Comments

As a result of the Banking crisis the Western world is in turmoil still as services are being cut and the vulnerable are threatened. Both inequality and poverty are likely to increase. With draconian cuts in the UK our welfare system is under attack. What impact could this have on the goals to achieve a more equal society and what long-term thinking is needed? Is the Big Society an answer or an excuse to avoid the major issues? This was the topic for a meeting held in April 2011 and forms the basis of this podcast.


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