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Entries from May 2011

Photography & Social Change

May 31st, 2011 · Comments

In this Podcast Matt Daw gives a presentation on how photography can be used as an agent for social change and how it can empower vulnerable and marginalised people and groups by giving them a voice. Matt also tells us about the International Charity PhotoVoice and ther work they do.

Matt Daw is Projects Manager at the international charity PhotoVoice (, an organisation that works in partnership with NGOs all around the world designing and delivering participatory photography projects with marginalised and vulnerable groups. These projects provide communities who are often denied the opportunity to speak out and be heard with the skills and opportunity to participate directly in campaigning for positive social change. People who are often the subject of photojournalism take control over how they and their community are represented, and become active agents in tackling the issues that affect them.

Matt has been with PhotoVoice for over 5 years, and is also the chair of HVP UK, a UK charity that supports the Hindu Vidyapeeth social movement in Nepal.

In early 2012 GlobalNet21 would like to organize an open to all photography exhibition around images and the social impact that they can create. This will be a meeting based around an Exhibition that will not only look at some of the worlds most powerful photo's, but also encourage photographers of all ages/abilities both within our network and beyond to contribute their work, and look at the impact of images in changing the way we think about the world.

We hope to organise this exhibition for early 2012 and would like to involve as many members that are interested in this area as possible.


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It’s not about Race: it’s about Community

May 5th, 2011 · Comments

As the 21st Century progresses then the discussions around diversity needs to focus more on community than on race. Divisions are no longer fragmenting on racial lines, as they were in the second half of the 20th century. New generations of young people from ethnic minorities are not just looking to race as their root identity but also at faith, work and cross group sub cultures. This creates complex problems for social cohesion and requires a new vision of community and new leadership that reflects this. But what is this new vision of community, what leadership is needed and how can it develop to encompass all?This is the subject of this podcast. The speakers are

David Lammy MP has served as a Minister in the Department of Health, the Department of Constitutional Affairs, Minister for Culture in the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and most recently Minister for Higher Education and Intellectual Property.

Rob Berkeley. Rob is Director of the Runnymede Trust, an independent policy-research organisation focusing on 'race' and social policy and

Ted Cantle, Professor at the Institute of Community Cohesion (iCoCo) and an Associate Director of the IDeA. He now works exclusively for both organisations on the community cohesion agenda


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