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Transforming Education

February 1st, 2012

Education reform has been piecemeal and haphazard rather than focused and strategic and those responsible for policy making have failed to engage key stakeholders - learners, parents and practitioners.

In this Podcast Tony Breslin will lead us in a discussion around the need to transform education rather than make inadequate piecemeal reforms.

Why do we need to transform education? Our Educational system was built for a different age: where deference defined relationships between young and old and teacher and learner, where society and its institutions offered a degree of social stability (albeit, one that was often parochial and restrictive) that the post modern era cannot match, where the drivers of change were predictable and less dynamic than forces such as globalization and the information revolution are today.


  • Julie Armitage

    Dear Mr Breslin, I did not get to hear your complete talk as there seemed to be a plug in failure. However, I do concur that we do need to be looking at a more rounded education. Qualities that students leave with is a fabulous idea. I have been delivering a course called Avatar for 10 years about personal responsibility and I believe this is what is not available to children today. One aspect I would like to get into schools is Compassion. Living in London i hear about, bullying, gangs not care and compassion. You can hear more about this project specifically at where Harry Palmer talks about it. If you would like to speak further about this piece I would be happy to. Regards Julie Armitage tel 07802702852

    Feb 14, 2012 at 2:43 am