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What Is God?

March 11th, 2011

In the 21st century religion has become increasingly under debate as many religions have become the “new politics” and as many non-theists challenge the very notion of a “God!” The whole question of what is God is important for both the believer and the non-believer. Understanding what each of us means by that if we mean anything at all is an exercise in mutual tolerance and understanding. On this Podcast sixc speakers give a different view of what they believe the concept of God is. They are Elaine Storkey is the UK President of Tearfund, and a well-known conference speaker and lecturer in theology, Humera Khan is one of the most important Muslim voices speaking and writing in Britain today,Jay Lakhani a Hindu educationalist promoting Hindu education in schools, colleges and universities in the UK. Jay Lakhani is also the director of the Hindu council in UK, Laurie Taylor. Laurie's career began with a stint as a librarian, after which he became a professional actor, then an English teacher before joining the Sociology Department of the University of York, where he went on to become Professor of Sociology, Chris Parish directs the London Centre of EnlightenNext, the organization dedicated to supporting the development of Andrew Cohen's teaching work and Andrew Pakula represents the Unitarian tradition and is a Minister as well as being the Director of UK Spirituality. This Podcast was based on a meeting we held in 2010.