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The Art Of Community Building

May 21st, 2014

communitybuilding.jpeg Community building is a craft not an exact science and those taking it forward are artists. Many of the skills required for sustainable community building cannot be learned, they come naturally to people and it is those individuals who make the best Community Builders.

Nurture Development together with their ABCD Network has the mission to help establish a Community Builder in every neighbourhood and so we hope that this Webinar will help you to identify the individuals with the natural gifts around you.

During this Podcast we will explore:

• What is community building?

• Who can 'do' community building and what are the core characteristics of a Community Builder?

• What are the building blocks of community?

How do you identify them, strengthen or build them, and mobilise them?

Cormac.jpgCormac Russell will present this podcast. Cormac set up Nurture Development in 1996 and is the organisation’s Managing Director.  He has trained directly under Professor John McKnight, the co-founder of the ABCD approach. As well as being a faculty member of the ABCD Institute at Northwestern University in the United States, he is a Co-Director of ABCD Europe.