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Well Being In The 21st Century - Kevin Jones MP Speaks Out

December 6th, 2012

kevan.jpeg In the 21st century we are beginning to change our attitudes towards mental wellbeing. We know that one in four of us will face mental health problems in our lifetime and we also know that the pressures of modern life can adversely affect the wellbeing of us all.

And yet we are often cautious over discussing mental wellbeing openly in the way we do our physical state of health. In this meetup we want to open up the discussion so we understand mental wellbeing better and to see what we can do to make it more prominent on the Government’s agenda

Kevan Jones is the MP for North Durham and was a Minister in the Ministry of Defence in the last Government. He spoke out about his mental health problems in the House of Commons. He is one of the first MPs to come out openly about his own battle against depression and the difficulty of speaking out